5 free study resources for the CompTIA n+ exam

5 free study resources for the CompTIA n+ exam

The three CompTIA Certifications of the Primary Entrance Level are A +, network + and security +, and because so many people start their career by focusing on one or more of these certifications, the question often appears about which certification you really need for your career.

Should you take CompTIA A + before the network +? You don’t need it, and may not be able to take CompTIA A + before the + network certification exam, because if you enter the cyber security field, your focus must be on getting network + and security +.

The reason why skip CompTIA a + makes sense

While I train students on CompTIA A + material, and actually need training before they get into the network, I have advised students to pass the CompTIA A + certification exam and jump directly into the network exam + if they pursue certification. There are several reasons why.


Reason # 1: CompTIA A + requires two tests, while network + and security + only need one. A + includes many ingredients and requires you to take two tests, what most people do on different days, are often a week or more. These two exam approaches need more studies and preparations and therefore delay when you can really say that you are certified. One test certification is the best choice for entry level certification seekers because they are more manageable and provide positive reinforcement from a much faster initial victory. And because it is recommended to also look for internship opportunities or entries when you pursue your certification and education, it is much faster so that the certification will be on your resume.


Reason # 2: Network + is no more difficult than A +. While CompTIA recommends that you take + before the network +, they never make a requirement, and many people managed to jump directly to the network +. This is because network + is no more difficult that A +, and in fact it might be easier than A + only because of the amazing amount of material on the A + exam and memorizing the A + material. If the difficulty level is very similar, it is necessary to consider if the network certification + higher level is the use of your better time. Remember that A + knowledge is important, and will help you succeed in the CompTIA Network+ certification, so it’s still important to learn. But what we are talking about here is which topic must be chosen to conduct internal diving studies needed to provide certification.


Reason # 3: A + parallel to a lower level, and the set of paid skills is lower. CompTIA A + is to go to certification for anyone who is interested in entering the computer repair or the position of the help desk, but the position is always considered a level of entry and has been at the end of the salary scale. Because your learning time is limited, in fact you don’t have time to prepare every certification that you might want or learn everything you want to know, so we have to be careful and negotiate with our study time. It is not wise to spend time on certification that aligns to the skills that you will move quickly in your career. Consider this: If you only have time to prepare two certifications, do you want A + and network +, or network + and security +? I think in some cases, having A + can accidentally pigeon we become a non-cyber security position or career path.


Reason # 4: Network + replaces A + in most of the employer’s mind. It seems that the employer is quite comfortable with the assumption that if you are solid on the network + than you also have knowledge that works about A + too. This is because the network + is considered more valuable, but not much more advanced than A + certification. This means that if you have medium or advanced certification, such as Casp CompTIA but does not have certification or other experiences, employers may question your abilities and if you have the practical knowledge and background that you really need. But because the + network is very close to the level A +, it does not have the same risk to be your first certification and cause employers to question your true abilities.


Network + and security + – your way to a Cyber Career

I have mentioned that the key to cyber security level entries is more likely to be a combination of network + and security + not A +, and that because these two exams are positioned very well to show your employer has a strong foundation in cyber knowledge and ready to work. Let’s look at the advantage of the two special certification approach.


Advantages # 1: Network + and Security + Good Overlap Bit. It seems that in the last few years CompTIA has combined network content + and more security +. Network + now has a substantial security component, and security exam + now asks questions about concepts and network components, including ports, protocols and equipment. Since learning for the certification exam takes so much effort, and these two certifications only need one test, we can get far enough with learning for this exam and drop it in a short time.


Advantages # 2: Understanding of network systems and how to secure it running along. And that’s what the two examinations do to verify you know. Has one without any other leaves of the gap and does not make your knowledge base also rounded as it should.