5 Ways SEO & Web Design Go Together

 5 Ways SEO & Web Design Go Together

Search Engine Optimization and Web designing are different from each other. Still, without web designing, we can’t imagine SEO as there are some necessary changes which we need to do with the help of web designing to improve our website’s visibility. When you start doing SEO, you need to focus on many factors simultaneously, and if you want to do better than your competitor, you have to do more. One of the most critical factors in SEO is website design.

Website design matters a lot in your SEO progress as the website is the center of your digital marketing world. In this guide, we have written 5 ways when SEO and web designing work together.

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If you are aware of some SEO tactics, you already know the importance of a Mobile-friendly website. Google made it a ranking factor in 2015. After announcing this ranking factor, Google announced a new indexing method: Mobile-first indexing. The primary aim of mobile-first indexing is to prioritize websites properly shown on the mobile phone. I think now your doubts are clear about how a mobile-friendly website is vital for SEO. Without a mobile-friendly website design, you can not even think of beating your competitors in traffic and visibility.

  1. Website Speed

Yes, this is another vital factor for technical SEO, and web designers help you with it by optimizing slower speed. Do you know what factors slow down your website speed? Well, web designers know those circumstances. If you cannot beat your competitor, then it is a chance that your website loading speed is too slow, and it’s a primary deficiency for many websites.

You can also speed up your website by optimizing your images, removing unnecessary plugins, allowing browser cache, etc. After doing this, if your website still takes longer than 3 seconds; then, you need to contact a web designer. The loading speed is essential for a mobile user because mobile users’ less likely to wait. 

  1. Easy-to-Read Design

As an SEO professional, you also think that content optimization is the most vital part of the ranking, and you must have spent a lot of time writing SEO-friendly content. Right? But did you ever think about website designing? Is your website easy to understand? Many SEO professionals might not realize what a significant impact the design of a website can have on your content. A bad web design makes it hard for readers to read your content. 

As per a survey, people don’t spend much time on a poorly designed website. So the question is, how will you know that your website has a bad design? Let me be clear: many signs show your website has a bad design, such as Blocks’ design, text color, text size, font, website background, too much hyperlinking, etc. In this case, you need to redesign your website with the help of a professional web designer because a web designer understands how to design websites that make it simple for users to take in your content.

  1. Sitemaps

If we talk about crawling your website, a sitemap is one of the essential aspects if you want search engines to be more intelligent about how they crawl your website. A sitemap works like a map that guides search engines about the web pages and content. This is very important for large websites such as e-commerce, video sharing, etc. 

The sitemap also contains metadata of your pages that helps your website rank higher. A sitemap is a point where SEO and web designers work together. When you work with any professional web design agency, you will find that they always create a sitemap for each website they develop. 

  1. Gaining Users’ Trust

Gaining user trust is the powerful way to rank higher. It can’t be denied that many people decide quickly, and once they have a judgment, it is difficult to change them. So a website with accurate information seems more trustworthy. People love those websites that give them precise answers to their queries.

A poorly designed website with inaccurate information may lead to bad results.

Keeping it concise, Now you know the most effective ways of SEO in which you work with a web designer. Keep the above points in mind when you are working on a new website design. Stay tuned for more updates. We hope this article about the 5 ways SEO & web design go together is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful for you in any manner.


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