A Russian miner’s video cards have been stolen by a balcony-scaling neighbour.

A Russian miner’s video cards have been stolen by a balcony-scaling neighbour.

A Russian miner was robbed of his video cards by his next-door neighbour, who, according to police, crawled over the man’s balcony to steal his equipment.

The flat belonged to a Kursk resident who had moved out after transforming it into a crypto mining “farm,” according to the Kursk branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and local media source Kurskie Izvestia.

When the miner observed that the equipment was no longer generating any cash for him – and that it was no longer mining bitcoin – he suspected something was amiss.

He called the cops, who were originally perplexed because they couldn’t locate any evidence of a break-in or burglary in the flat. They eventually came up with the hypothesis that the miner’s neighbours were engaged in the heist, and they were proven right.

The sound of the mechanical “whirring” of graphics processing units and mining rigs led them to believe that a miner was living next door, according to a resident in the adjoining apartment.

The owner was virtually always absent from the property, returning only momentarily to check on the state of his rigs, according to the neighbour.

According to authorities, the neighbour devised a plan to get access to the residence by climbing across the adjoining balcony with the help of his girlfriend and a friend. The attackers then proceeded to remove and flee with 30 video cards, which were discovered stashed in a neighbor’s car, according to authorities.

According to the media site, the cards were worth more than USD 54,000 at current market pricing.

All three were interrogated, according to the police, and all members of “the criminal group confessed” to the crime and secured the safe return of the video card haul.

The trio’s cases will now be examined by the courts, and they could face up to seven years in prison for breaking and entering and theft.