Download Instagram Photos from Any User in 5 Easy Steps

Download Instagram Photos from Any User in 5 Easy Steps

There are three simple techniques to bulk download Instagram photographs from any user in 2020. This article explains how to download photographs from Instagram without utilising a third-party programme.

First Method: Using Only Your Web Browser, Download All Instagram Photos From One User.

You can download all Instagram photographs at once using the approach below, regardless of whatever web browser you’re using.

To begin, go to a user’s profile page and scroll down to see their whole photo collection.

Step 2: From the context menu of blank area, pick “Save as…”

Choose Save as type Web Page and click Save to ensure all pictures and HTML files are saved.

Now you can see the photos that an Instagram user has shared. After that, if you discover the folder and delete the HTML file, you’ll only be saving images. Instagram superstars and influencers upload a lot of amazing photographs to gain free followers and likes, which is why so many followers desire to preserve these photos.

The second method is to use Developer Tools to download several Instagram photographs directly.

Using the Developer Tools of your web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, you can download any Instagram photo. If you only need to download a few Instagram photos, this method is ideal.

Choose a few photographs to save to an Instagram page.

F12 will bring up Developer Tools.

Select IMG under the Network Tab to reload this page.

You can see all of the image file URLs using the Developer Tools. You can open and save any of the listings by using your computer’s double-click capability.

Install the Chrome Extension to download Instagram photos in bulk.

If the Instagram account has a big number of photos that you want to save, it may take some time for them to load. In that scenario, a Chrome extension can allow you mass download Instagram photographs online in a more convenient and flexible way.

Install any Chrome extension that allows you to download large amounts of images in one go.

Visit the user’s page to download the photos from your Instagram account.

If the Chrome extension is correctly installed, a Download All button will appear at the top of the page. It will let you download all or a selection of images from this account.

If you’re having problems with the aforementioned techniques, you can utilise an online Instagram image downloader to mass download Instagram images in only a few clicks.

Final Remarks

For Instagram users with a small number of photos, the first technique is more convenient and faster. If you need to pick and choose which photos you wish to download, the second choice is better. Method three is suitable in all instances if allowing an add-on in your browser is agreeable to you.

Using the three ways listed above, you can download all of a user’s Instagram images. Why don’t you begin with one of them? Is there a better way than these? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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