[Answer] In which of these places does “The Real Housewives” NOT film?

[Answer] In which of these places does “The Real Housewives” NOT film?

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The Real Housewives is an American media franchise consisting of a number of reality TV series broadcast on Bravo. This shows the lives of several wealthy women who live in different regions in the United States. This first release, The Real Housewives, made its debut on 21 March 2006, led to spin-offs in New York City & Atlanta in2008, New Jersey in2009, Washington, D.C. and Beverly Hills in2010, Miami in2011, and Potomac and Dallas in2016.

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5 Cities The franchise of the Real Housewives Does not Film

When a new city joins Bravo Real Housewives, the world is gigantic news. The Real Housewives from Orange County premiereed in 2006, and many places were soon represented, from NYC to New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Potomac, Atlanta, Miami, and the short life of Real Housewives from D.C. Reality TV fans began to watch the franchise.

5 The Real Housewives’ biggest celebrities


The Real Housewives did not wander into numerous towns. Since fans are always eager to receive news, it’s fun to think about where new casts could be found and feature dramatic stories in which viewers are so absorbed.

  • Denver

    Dallas is one of the latest additions to the Real Housewives franchise and is fun because the cast members have funny schemes and what life looks like in rich Dallas circles is exciting.The franchise can add another village in Denver, Colorado. The city is known for its wonderful views of the mountains and for its healthy food and living, as residents love the parks and the open spaces. Denver appears to be able to find a large cast.

  • Austin

    What about Austin, Texas filming? Austin is known for its great grill, wonderful weather and a funky, cool atmosphere.The motto is “Keep Austin weird” and it is a hubs for festivals and live music. There is so much to do here. Because Dallas is already a city of real homemakers, it would be great if fans could see another town in the state. There is a hot property market with homes costing millions, which suggests that the wealth is worth exploring as part of this franchise.

  • Chicago

    Producer of Real Housewives, Andy Cohen, said maybe when Tinsley Mortimer of RHONY was living in Chicago the franchise could have filmed, but he told me, “I think we are good.”

    Although the franchising does not seem to be moving into Chicago, it definitely would be a great location for the show. It is a beautiful town that is known for its stunning restaurants and views of the waterfront, along with its beautiful architecture.

  • Montreal

    In the popular Bravo franchise there have been two Canadian cities, The Vancouver Real Housewives and One Real Housewives. What about adding Montreal? What about adding Montreal?

    Montreal is a beautiful city full of history, culture and unbelievable food. The Old Montreal and downtown shooting process is easy to imagine and if the franchise chose this city as its next location for the movies, it seems that it’s a popular destination because it’s a favourite tourist destination.

  • San Diego

Beverly Hills’ Real Housewives have dramatic plotting and an excellent setting. Reality shows that in beautiful warm places, viewers like to see peaceful, beautiful places, so San Diegu,                      California always seems to be a good candidate for a new setting for Real Housewives. Because both RHOBH and RHOC are so popular, why not find another place to enjoy warm                                weather?

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