How To Build A Mining Rig For Crypto Currency

How To Build A Mining Rig For Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency depends a lot on mining rigs around the globe. So, what will you need to make one of your own?

Over the past decade or so, Bitcoin has always been a buzzing topic in the online world. With its prices soaring every day and sometimes doubling up in a single day, it has become a paradise for investors to put their money into crypto. However, there isn’t just bitcoin as you can also invest in Ethereum, Binance, Bitcoin cash and the recently soaring dogecoin. However, instead of investing into companies that mine these cryptocurrencies, many people think about mining them on their own.

So, what do you need to get started with mining of a crypto currency? These mining rigs closely resemble an average computer in today’s world, but they are far from it as some of the hardware in it is dedicated for mining only. Therefore, to understand the things you will need and how you will have to set it up, here is eWorldTrade expert’s guide to build a mining rig for crypto.

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The Hardware You Will Need

One of the most troublesome times for hardware collectors, gamers and PC gamers in general have been past 8 months or so. The reason behind that is the shortage of hardware and the enthusiastic level at which the scalpers have operated. However, that is a topic for another time, but here is all the hardware you will need to make a mining rig.

  • Rig Frame

A rig frame is much like a normal PC chassis, with one exception. It is not a box or a chassis at all, it is just a frame with screw holes for you to fit your hardware into. However, out of all the other items on this list, you can make one of your own if you cannot find one online.

  • Motherboard

While there are many types of motherboards, the type you will need is the kind that can handle the power surge of multiple power supplies as well as heavy hardware like graphics card. But, there are dedicated mining motherboards that practically do nothing but mine. So, get the one you think is more suitable for you.

  • Power Supply Unit

A power supply unit is one of the most vital hardware in any rig, be it common or for mining. So, you need to make sure you get at least 20% more power than you are about to consume. Say, that your hardware is going to take around 1000 watts, then get a 1500 or 1700-watt power supply with at least 80% efficiency.

  • GPU (Graphics)

While the number of GPUs depends on the size of your rig and your ability to pay bills, make sure you select the best one in current era. The NVidia RTX 3000 stands out as the best option in this list.

  • GPU Risers

GPU risers are connectors that help you place the GPU in any position that you seem suitable. So, get as many as you have GPUs.

  • Rams

While Bitcoin mining rigs aren’t too heavy on rams, getting at least 16 gigs of memory is a suitable option.

  • Hard Drives or SSD

It is better that you get an SSD rather than a hard drive to run your operating system. 

How To Set It Up

Now, that we understand the process of finding the right hardware, let us talk about the procedure.

  • Assemble The Computer

You will have to assemble the computer. To keep it simple, first goes the motherboard then the power supply, processor, ram and finally the GPU risers and then the GPU itself. 

  • Install An Operating System

While most miners use windows, this choice depends on your expertise with other operating systems. But, windows 10 is a more suitable option.

  • Optimize Windows & Controls

Once you set it up, you can optimize the Windows and controls, as you seem fit for your usage. Then, you need to make sure you optimize the controls so that your computer\rig is operating at a cool and efficient level.

  • GPU Bios Set Up

GPU bios are made for gaming and rendering usage. So, you will have to tweak them for mining and power efficient usage.

  • Set Up The Mining Software

Last but not the least, you will have to set up the mining software. Now, considering there are many different types of cryptocurrencies, it seems fitting that you use the adequate software. However, make sure you are using a certified mining program.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it, the things you will need for mining cryptocurrency. While there is surely more to it, these are the most vital things to understand. Moreover, it is important that you find the right hardware for your rig to work properly.