Galen and Maxwell Drever, the Popular Choice of Experts for Converting Hotel to Affordable Workforce Housing

Galen and Maxwell Drever, the Popular Choice of Experts for Converting Hotel to Affordable Workforce Housing

The adaptability of hotels and motels is simpler than that of commercial properties, as proved by pandemic programs. In addition, upgrading is a faster and less expensive alternative than rebuilding from the ground up. Furthermore, revamping existing buildings, such as hotels, is much more environmentally conscious. Even those who live in encampments and are reluctant to enter shelters are much more open to the idea of staying in hotels, according to advocacy groups. Considering how COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the tourism business, many hoteliers are prepared to sell, and owners are often generously compensated for their losses. Here’s why most of the hotel owners consider Maxwell for the hotel to affordable housing conversion- 

Compelling Strategies 

Adding hotels and motels to Maxwell Drever’s lengthy history of providing inexpensive housing from strategy to implementation was a natural extension of his work. As part of the site construction and operations, Maxwell maintains a successful community outreach program, which addresses community needs prior to converting a hotel or motel and afterward continues to collaborate with local community service organizations for service collaboratives and ongoing operations after the conversion is complete. Taking this strategy is beneficial to local governments, counties, community outreach organizations, and residents in general.

As a result of his significant development experience, Maxwell is well-versed in the process of converting motels from concept to completion, as well as conducting substantial community engagement. His well-informed team of experts is well-versed in dispelling unfounded notions about who the homeless are and how their suffering affects communities in general.

Community Belief 

Maxwell firmly believes that the building of excellent affordable housing is simply the beginning of what will be a long-term relationship – as well as an operational engagement – with stakeholders as well as the communities in which we build our properties. The effect of affordable housing programs and assistance programs on the sustainability and long-term performance of the broader group is made available by the influence of affordable housing programs and community programs. This method allows us to fulfill our objective while also ensuring that continuity of high-quality housing and services is maintained, which is the foundation of his approach.

According to housing advocates, a prevalent assumption among the general public is that temporary living in these hotels will produce problems as a result of transitory homeless persons congregating in the vicinity of the structure. Transformed permanent housing sites, according to them, are well-secured and often cause no more disruptions than a particular hotel or apartment building.

Understands the owners’ approach 

Several smaller hotels have indeed been owned for years by individuals and households who were undoubtedly thinking of selling them before the outbreak but have found few takers among traditional hospitality purchasers as a result of the virus’s widespread effect. 

Housing transformation projects could provide them with a plausible exit plan without the need to wait for the broader tourism business to recover first. Maxwell knows exactly how to help people with a proven plan and effective strategy.