How to combine your PPC and SEO data to create a solid marketing strategy?

How to combine your PPC and SEO data to create a solid marketing strategy?

Several people consider PPC and SEO as totally separable strategies. But even if it so, they can be considered as the two sides of a coin. Several ways are there in which PPC and SEO can be put to work together. It can eventually lead to a successful search strategy. SEO itself attracts people, and when it is combined with PPC efforts, it will elevate your marketing strategy to the next level. Some of the popular ways to come to your PPC and SEO data for crafting a robust marketing strategy, follow the article.

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Improve visibility

If you can combine PPC and SEO efforts, you can add exposure to the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). After a search term ranks at the top position, several clients tend to lessen their PPC efforts.

But you need to remember that the top two or three results that appear on the search engine results pages are PPC ads. By dominating the paid search results and organic traffic, you can increase traffic on a greater scale and provide an impression that you have a solid presence in the market.

Share keyword Data

When you simultaneously run PPC and organic campaigns, you will get double data for analyzing. You may opt for an SEO Agency to get better insights into keywords.

You need to determine which PPC and organic keywords have the highest rate of conversion. Then, you can use this information to optimize your entire strategy.

Make use of best performing PPC ad copy

The things that work for PPC often work also for SEO. When you determine which PPC ads are resulting in the most conversion, you will get a good idea of how to make meta descriptions, page content, and even title tags for all the pages that you would like to rank organically.

When you use PPC ads for testing page attributes, you get immediate results. You can know quickly about what will work and what will not. On the other hand, testing meta and titles organically may consume a lot of time.

Incorporate E-commerce feeds

When it is all about e-commerce, Google does some cool things. The users can now link particular pages to the PPC ads. The ad will be featuring the product with reviews most of the time.

Furthermore, this ad will take the users directly to the product page. And there they can make a purchase. This is an excellent way to give a boost to your existing e-commerce customers.

Make use of search data for informing PPC keywords

The primary goal of PPC advertising is all about figuring out what are the keywords that the customers are putting to use for finding your service or product.

You can enable a website search on your site and analyze all the terms that the users use most frequently. In this way, you can get valuable insights into the search habits and needs of your customers.

Fight the negative PR

Occasionally, people are going to pass negative comments about your company, and you need to accept that. And when it happens, the damage can be controlled by combining SEO and PPC effort.

By controlling the PPC and SEO results effectively for a certain time period, you will be able to guide the conversion more effectively. Also, you can use the technique for telling your side of the story in case a mistake is made.

Social media visibility

Changes are taking place dramatically in the social media landscape. These changes are providing several targeted advertising opportunities. Websites like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn have the potential to serve up ads targeted to a particular group of people.

The data that you can collect from these campaigns will help you to discover granular details about your target customers. This will also help you to refine your SEO strategy.

Testing the strategic organic keywords

For refining the organic keyword strategy, PPC ads are considered to be a great way. As long as your strategy evolves, the words’ conversion rate needs to be tested for which you want to rank with the PPC ads.

This way, you will receive instant feedback about the effectiveness of the keywords you are running after. And according to it, you can fine-tune your strategy.


SEO and PPC have got their individual benefits. But things work out best if they work together harmoniously. However, everything depends on your company or business and its requirements. But, before crafting a strategy, you need to understand your goal and make sure that whatever you do is beneficial to your target audience. Or else, all your efforts will be in vain.

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