How to Find Someone’s Location with Cell Phone Number Free

How to Find Someone’s Location with Cell Phone Number Free

How To find and Track Someone’s Phone Location By Number On android. here you can learn how to track phone with cell number
It may appear like locating someone’s phone solely by their phone number is something that only hackers and forensic bureaus can perform. That, however, is a misunderstanding. The Minspy app allows even the most inexperienced cell phone user to track someone else’s exact current location.

Find Someone's Location by Using Cell Phone Number

We’ll go through what Minspy is and how you can start utilising it for your own tracking needs in this article.

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Part 1: Why Would You Need to Know Someone’s Location?

There are a variety of reasons why you might wish to know where someone is. Your child may not yet be at home, your spouse may be unfaithful, and the list goes on.

Here are a few reasons why you should know where someone is:

  • To find out where someone is right now

An concerned parent may want to track down their child who has gone to his friend’s house without telling them.

Perhaps it’s a suspicious spouse who suspects his or her partner of infidelity.

  • Geofencing

A geofence is a digital boundary created with a smartphone. The app will notify you whenever the target phone crosses the border.

Track someones location

  • locating a misplaced device

Are you looking for a way to locate my phone by number? Sometimes all you want to do is find their phones. It could be because you misplaced it or it was stolen.

Locating a misplaced gadget can lead to you finding and recovering the device, which would not have been feasible otherwise.

  • Track  your employees’ activities.

Employers may wish to track the whereabouts of their employees in a corporate setting for safety reasons. If an employee is found in an area where he is not meant to be, you can raise a red alert. You can take action against them if they break company policy, and the location will serve as proof.

Part 2: What Is The Best Way To Track  Phone’s Location By Number?

An programme called Minspy may be used to track out someone’s position based on their phone number. Minspy makes use of a technique called “cell triangulation technology.”

Three cell phone towers triangulate the location of the phone in this way. Phone network providers typically utilise this to track a phone number in real time. However, some apps, such as Minspy, have agreements with cell phone companies and can thus access the phone’s location in real time.


Installing a phone monitoring programme like Minspy on the target device is required to begin tracking a phone location by number.

The software is simple to set up on an Android device. However, if you’re using it on an iOS device, you’ll need to connect your iCloud credentials to the Minspy app. Aside from that, no technical or coding knowledge is required.

The software will run in stealth mode in the background. This would have no effect on how the phone was used.


You’ll need to log into your Minspy account and go to the dashboard to see the actual location. The location will be displayed in the “Last Know Location” sub-section.

Best Way To Track  Phone's Location By Number

In the next section of this post, we’ll go over the specific steps you’ll need to do.

What Outstanding Features Can Minspy Offer?

Although Minspy has a long list of useful capabilities, here are a few of the more crucial ones:

  • Identify a virtual location

You’ll be able to see their exact whereabouts at any given time. All crucial facts, such as address, landmarks, and geo coordinates, are tracked by Minspy. For the best viewing experience, the area is then presented in a Google Maps 3D Street View.

  • GPS logs

Consider location logs to be similar to call logs, which keep track of the number of calls made in the past. Minspy tracks the phone’s location over time and logs notable landmarks visited over the course of several weeks. The location is accompanied by timestamp information.

  • Logs of phone calls

Minspy keeps track of the calls a person makes and receives. While call recording is not available, the duration of the calls can be viewed.

  • History of your browser

The websites accessed from the target device can be seen on the dashboard. This covers, for example, social networking websites, law enforcement websites, and email websites.

  • Log of Messages

Track Location with phone number
If the person sends and receives messages on the phone on a regular basis, Minspy will accurately record the same. Any media files that are traded are also tracked.

Part 3: Find a Free Location by Entering a Phone Number

It’s as simple as entering the phone number and logging into your Minspy account to use Minspy. All of the information is saved on a cloud server and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. You have complete control over this information and can save or remove any of it at any time.

How to Use Minspy on Android

Step 1: Create an account with Minspy and buy a monthly membership plan. After that, you will receive a confirmation email with step-by-step directions to follow on your email.

How to Use Minspy on Android

Step two: Minspy may be installed on an Android device without rooting it. Allow it to use additional programmes and features that it has requested. It will now run in stealth mode in the background.

Step 3: You may keep an eye on it in real time from your Minspy dashboard.

How to Install Minspy for iPhone

Step 1: Create an account with Minspy and buy a subscription plan. Follow the directions that were emailed to you.

Step 2: Give Minspy your iCloud credentials. Minspy will sync with the device within a few seconds.

Minspy on an iPhone

Step 3: Once verified, you may immediately begin monitoring it.

As you can see, no downloads are required to monitor iOS devices.


You can use Minspy to track your own device as well. You can still have remote access to it if you lose it, and there’s a chance you’ll be able to retrieve it.

Additional credentials are required for corporate use. If you’re giving your employees company-owned gadgets, you’ll also have to tell them about it.

Remember that privacy is extremely important to Minspy. As a result, when you use Minspy for personal or business purposes, we want you to retain trust and sincerity.

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