Roles & Responsibilities To Build A Great Game Development Team

Apart from educating and training the team members regarding the importance of Agile, he is also responsible to make sure that the team feels motivated and strengthen at all times. He also works on boosting up the communication and collaboration amongst the team members. Scrum Master is the person who is responsible for facilitating/coaching the Development Team and the Product Owner to work on the day to day development activities.

development team roles and responsibilities

Apart from developers, a software development project involves other roles in order to succeed. Find out here the Key Roles & Responsibilities in a Software Development Team. Front-end developers are the point of contact between the end client and the delivered business solution .

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They do not take the place of a Sponsor, but help to spread the strategic input and buy-in to a larger portion of the organization. The Steering Committee is usually made up of organizational peers and is a combination of direct clients and indirect stakeholders. Some members on the Steering Committee may also sit on the Change Control Board. Discuss and support those who market and sell the end-product of the project. Assess the situation of the target organization where the project’s end-product will be deployed. Assist in the development of strategic plans for operational activity.

development team roles and responsibilities

These developers can build both a client-side and server-side of the project on their own. Once the client has approved the plan, the project manager creates a new project using one of the project management platforms and starts making the project tasks. Jira, Trello, Basecamp, ClickUp, and Wrike — are the most popular platforms for managing a web development team in 2021. So, every custom web development company may have it’s own spectrum of services and the number of web development team members can vary. Let’s consider the core web development team roles, required skills and talents, that will make together a strong base for a good team. Building a successful distributed team requires certain efforts from your side and most probably you will have to spend some extra time communicating with them and explaining your project details.

Business Analyst

Front-end developers are the specialists that work on the client-side of web apps using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and numerous libraries and frameworks intended to simplify the project development process. To create the application, front-end developers follow the specifications and prototype/wireframe developed during the previous stages of the project. In many web teams the site production lead also manages the work of site editors and copywriters.

They act like a team facilitator and are responsible for addressing any problems that may hinder the development team from delivering on product goals. They are also in charge of ensuring that team members follow the Scrum methodology. Make decisions and guide the team in the software development process based on priorities previously agreed on with the client. The primary duty of the UI designer is to prepare, or design, the user interface.

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And because elements are crucial to system functioning; its correctness depends on the quality of back-end developer’s work. We offer small and medium companies competent software developers on-demand. Trio is your software development partner, not an outsourcing vendor. For people who haven’t gotten their feet wet in agile before, mistakes are inevitable and are a core part of the learning process. Mistakes should be encouraged and openly discussed, especially at the beginning of a project.

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Roles and Responsibilities of an App Developer.

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Members of the “perfect” team genuinely believe that their work matters and makes a difference. It affects not only the development process but also the quality of the finished product. Effective software development team that will not disappoint, especially when most of the teams have a similar structure and offer comparable services. Is a person that guards the interests of the client and gets the customer’s feedback across to the development team. One of the product owner’s main duties is to manage the backlog and make sure all the items are visible and clear.

How Are The Roles Involved In Each Stage Of The Software Development Lifecycle?

But if a team faces internal obstacles, a detailed evaluation of all the team processes becomes even more critical. There are numerous methods you can use to evaluate your team’s processes, but the most simple and effective include benchmarking, Systems analysis ongoing team discussions, and project debriefings. It’s as important as their expertise, skills, achievements and experience. When your team reaches a goal – or better yet, exceeds it – don’t forget to give props to the team members.

This individual takes on responsibilities such as helping to create an initial vision for product architecture, and then working to bring that vision to development team roles and responsibilities life. Depending on the scope of a project, the architecture owner might be part of an architecture ownership team made up of other architecture owners.

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This stage allows fixing critical issues before they lead to critical losses. This is a specialist who works within complex systems to create smooth functions behind the user interface. The core difference between the traditional and Agile team structure is in the way people cooperate with each other. The Development Team may not appoint any team lead since decisions are taken collectively by the team. Remember the six key principles of Scrum we talked about earlier? The third one—collaboration—plays a fundamental part in a Scrum team’s day-to-day operations. Team members cross-train one another to help the entire team gain the necessary expertise to complete the project—this eliminates bottlenecks and spreads accountability across the team.

QA Specialists always use several test environments, devices, and tools to conduct the most comprehensive research and ensure the best end result for the whole team. QA is so important that it can easily place in jeopardy the work of many people or give the company a credibility boost . But what seems like an invincible approach sure has its own downsides. Hybrid teams aren’t only the most expensive to work with but also require strong management that can coordinate all the diverse parts of the workflow.

Without a doubt, your software development team is the driver of your project’s success. And with these notes, you’re more than ready to organize your team. The only thing to do now is to make sure that your hiring decisions fit your goals and business objectives. A highly skilled and efficient development team is your ticket to success. If you’re new to the industry, here are things you ought to know as you build a software team.

Although there are many resources on finding the right vendor or how much software development costs, one thing that is rarely covered is the structure of the software development team. And while it’s pretty clear what developers do, you may have some doubts about what BAs, PMs, and POs roles are all about. This transition of responsibilities ensures that the site won’t become an orphan after the project team leaves the launch party and moves on to new assignments. The strategic importance and project budget for your web efforts will largely determine the size and skill depth of your web site development team. Even for a smaller project, however, you’ll need to cover the core team disciplines. In most small to medium projects one person may handle multiple tasks or someone with specialized expertise is hired for specific assignments.


The Scrum Master in a way acts as an enabler for proper communication between the Development Team and the Product Owner. The Scrum Master stays responsible to eliminate the obstacle between both the other roles. Is a person that inspects the workflow, ensuring timely delivery, promoting continuous improvement activities, and controlling the tasks moving through the Kanban system. As you already know, Scrum is about combining structure and flexibility. It uses the Kanban board to track the tasks and control the workflow. Kanban is considered to be more flexible than Scrum because it doesn’t limit the amount of work with sprints.

  • Move Product Owners out of the engineering department so that the customer value is agreed before its presented to developers.
  • Effective software development team that will not disappoint, especially when most of the teams have a similar structure and offer comparable services.
  • Stay one step ahead of your clients with customer journey mapping.
  • For most of them, thinking about outsourcing is an issue of efficiency and focus.
  • The details of the Change Control Board and the processes they follow are defined in the project management processes.
  • Offer continuing education opportunities – Savvy developers know that they must continually upgrade their skill sets in order to remain marketable in a constantly evolving industry.

Business analyst starts to work on the project before everybody else. The main task for this specialist is to transform the customer’s vision of the future software product into technical specifications. To do that, the specialist has to elicit, analyze, and document product requirements. Other team members will then use this documentation during the whole project life cycle. Members of the web development team have various skills and knowledge.

A Scrum Master is a facilitator and Servant Leader who encourages and demands self-organization from the development team. Stay one step ahead of your clients with customer journey mapping. These visuals create a shared vision for the customer experience. You’ll save time and effort so you can put all your energy into reading your customers’ minds and wowing your clients. It is a live document that should be continually updated based on evolving project needs throughout development.

For example, Eastern European markets provide highly skilled English-speaking software engineers with 20-30% lower rates than in Europe or America. A hybrid software development team combines two previous approaches. There are people who understand the project as a whole and those who can narrow their focus down. Blending deep expertise and the ability to integrate the system alleviates most of the drawbacks of the team types mentioned above. The scrum product owner takes the lead in many areas of product development. One day they will need to access their deep well of market knowledge to strategize and present their vision to stakeholders. Another day they will need to roll up their developer sleeves to help the team meet their goals during a sprint.

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