Where to Sell Used Car Batteries and How to Get the Best Price for Your Old Batteries

Where to Sell Used Car Batteries and How to Get the Best Price for Your Old Batteries

Your car’s battery will need to be replaced every few years. Batteries can begin to accumulate in your garage over time. Did you realise that your old car batteries can potentially earn you money? Knowing where to sell used car batteries can help you earn some additional cash. There is also a fast money alternative of acquiring a guaranteed loan regardless of Australia.

You will discover that you may sell a car battery whether it is working or not when studying where to sell used car batteries. Some places will pay you a set sum for your batteries, while others will pay you top dollar. You have the option of selling used vehicle batteries wherever you choose; just make sure you get a fair price.

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What are the Best Places to Sell Used Car Batteries?

Here are a few of the most common locations where you may sell your used car batteries.

1. Auto parts shop

Consult your neighbourhood car parts store. They’ll offer to buy your old batteries in a lot of cases. They’ll also be a good site to sell car parts if you have any that you’d like to get rid of. Just make sure you phone them to find out how much money they’ll give you for your batteries. You may find that the store will not give you cash but will instead give you a store credit in some situations.

2. Scrapyards

Your local scrapyard is the greatest place to sell your automobile batteries when you’re seeking for a buyer. The lead core is what the scrapyard buys when you sell your battery to them. It is possible to remanufacture and reuse the lead core. The price you will receive will be determined by how much a lead is currently selling for. If the lead rate is 0.33 cents per pound, you may expect to pay roughly $7 per battery. You may locate your local scrap yard by searching for cash for junk vehicles or purchase my junk car on the internet. Your local scrapyard is likely to crop up, especially if they offer trash auto removal. It’s a good idea to give them a call to find out how much each battery costs. If you have many batteries for your bikepassion, you may discover that the scrapyard will offer you more money.

3.Metal Recycling Center

While metal recycling shops and scrapyards are similar, some in your location may charge you differently for your batteries. Looking for a metal recycling facility in your neighbourhood is a wonderful idea. After all, having a variety of pricing options can help you locate the ideal place to sell your car battery.


Don’t overlook Craigslist when looking for a place to sell used automobile batteries. If the batteries you need to sell still have some life left in them, this is a better option. Instead of selling them for lead, they may be put to good use in someone’s vehicle. If you don’t have access to a recycling centre or scrapyard, selling on Craigslist is a viable option. The amount you can earn is determined by how much you sell the battery for. If it’s in good functioning order, sell it for a reasonable price. If it’s in scrap condition, find out how much lead scrap sells for and price it accordingly.

5. Auto Service Centers

Your local auto repair business is another place to sell used car batteries. These repair businesses may be able to recondition the batteries. They’ll be able to resale them to consumers who don’t want to pay for a new battery at a discount. An vehicle repair business will want your battery to be defect-free when you sell it.

6.Pawn Shops

If you live near a pawn store, inquire as to whether they accept used automobile batteries. A pawn shop will frequently buy an old automobile battery for the same price you would obtain on Craigslist or elsewhere. This is a good option if you need money quickly for your next Morocco desert tours, Marrakech desert tours, or even a three-day desert tour from Marrakech to Fes.

7. Advertisements in Newspapers

Your batteries can also be sold in the newspaper. Many local newspapers provide free classified ads. You can include all of the details about your battery in the advertisement. Newspapers will publish advertisements in both print and online editions. Make sure to include whether or not the battery is functional, as well as the date.

You can also seek for advertising in your local newspaper that offer to buy scrap metal in addition to putting your own ad. When people buy scrap metal, they frequently buy outdated batteries as well.

8.Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another wonderful option to sell your old batteries. People sell stuff all the time and have a lot of success doing so. When looking for places to sell used car parts, you’ll notice that Facebook is growing more popular. You should include all pertinent information about your battery, as well as a photograph. Having a picture of the battery will improve your chances of selling it. Do a local search on the marketplace to see what other batteries have sold for if you’re curious about what they’re selling for in your area. The Facebook Marketplace is also a terrific area to sell other things, and the shopinspect product tool can help you locate winning products.

Car batteries, whether functional or not, will always be in great demand. All you have to do now is figure out where you can sell used vehicle batteries for a good price. Take your time selling your battery so that you may get the most money for it. Remember that the more batteries you have, the more money you’ll be able to make.

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